Lavazza has owned the UK rights for Carte Noire roast and ground coffee since March 2016 and took over the production licence for its instant products in March of this year. We took time to further improve the blend, making the much-loved richness of Carte Noire rounder and smoother than ever. The resulting Carte Noire Classique and Carte Noire Décaféiné Instant range is now available in retailers.

The numbers that characterize each type of capsules correspond to the intensity of the coffee. The higher the number is, the more intense the coffee is. The Espresso capsules are ideal for small cups (40ml), the Café Lungo capsules are especially developed for big cups (110ml servings).

As a premium quality coffee brand and global player brand, CARTE NOIRE’s ambition is to constantly deliver high quality coffee.
A team of scientists and coffee experts are dedicated to creating coffees that aim to offer you the most enjoyable coffee experience whatever way you drink your coffee! Our latest innovation, CARTE NOIRE pods, have been developed with the same passion and quest for quality.
However, as the world of technology is evolving very quickly, we cannot always foresee the latest development of Nespresso®* machines. We have therefore created a just in time information page to inform you about the latest compatibility of our delicious coffee with the machines.

Last update from 4th of February 2014.

We confirm that our CARTE NOIRE capsules are compatible with Nespresso®* machines bought in UK before July 1, 2013.
After that date, our CARTE NOIRE capsules are compatible with Nespresso®* machines except UMilk®* manufactured by Krups®*, UPURE®* manufactured by Krups®* and UMAT®* manufactured by Krups®* and Inissia®* manufactured by Krups®* and Magimix®*.

* Nespresso®, UMilk®, Magimix® and Krups® are registered trademarks of third parties without any link with Luigi Lavazza S.p.A. group of companies.

A perfect quality espresso can be prepared in 20-30 seconds. The preparation time depends on the type of brewer, coffee variety and espresso type. To reveal the purest aroma, it is better to allow for a longer preparation time.

CARTE NOIRE Espresso capsules are widely available in UK supermarkets and on their ecommerce sites. For a detailed list of ecommerce sites available go directly to the product page and click on “BUY NOW” button. This will direct you to the CARTE NOIRE Espresso capsules range on the ecommerce site of your choice.