In 1978, master blender and roaster René Monnier had a bold vision – to bring the decadence of Parisian café culture into people’s homes.

Inspired by the luxury world emerging around him, René was driven by a desire to push boundaries. In a country where good food and wine are highly celebrated, he believed that coffee should be no exception. 

His extensive years crafting the finest coffee, combined with delicate finishing and unique sense of French art de vivre, saw René’s vision become a reality. CARTE NOIRE was born.

Taking inspiration from the cinematic and fashion icons of the time, CARTE NOIRE became iconic; a timeless ‘classique’ beautifully packaged with a black and gold couture signature, like a luxurious Objet d’art. 

The first 100% arabica coffee to market, CARTE NOIRE quickly established itself as the premium brand for people who are serious about rich flavours and the rich, velvety taste of pure premium arabica coffee.

René Monnier’s vision is still at the heart of CARTE NOIRE today, as we strive to maintain his ambition, passion and exemplary standards by producing the finest coffee that leaves a lasting impression.